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Alex and Dan

Founded over thirty years ago as Bruce Gregga Interiors, the Chicago-based interior design firm continues today under the direction of its Co-Presidents, Alex Jordan and Dan Smieszny.

The firm has been recognized for its long history of creating approachable, luxurious interior spaces that are clearly and cleanly defined. The end product — timeless settings that reflect the homeowner's personality, the character of the site and space, and the objects within them.

The firm has many projects in progress at any given time, including homes, offices, clubs, yachts, retail spaces.

From drawings and vendor/contractor management to the highest-quality finishes and furnishings, Gregga Jordan Smieszny approaches all projects with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. The firm conducts the design process with energy, honesty, precision and foresight.

While their exciting interiors continue to grace the pages of the major design publications, the true testament to the function, comfort and quality of the firm's work is the lasting and multi-generational client relationships valued by the firm.

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